Complimentary Room Promotion

Terms & Conditions

 There is no Rolling commission on the Promotion Chips.

 Cash out for Promotions Chips is with 30% deduction.

 Player's winnings paid in Cash Chips.

 Management decision is final.

Promotion Chips in BACCARAT

  1. Allowed to bet on one side at a time only, either Player or Banker.
  2. Allowed to bet Pair and Tie game.
  3. Cannot be used as a bet for Insurance.


Promotion Chips in BLACKJACK

  1. Accepted for a bet on Blackjack table.
  2. In case of surrender Promotion Chips will be collected and 50% shall be paid in Cash Chips.

Promotion Chips in ROULETTE

  1. Allowed to bet on any betting area on Roulette.
  2. Cannot be exchanged for any color chips.
  3. Can be exchanged from a higher denomination to lower $5 denomination Promotion Chips.
  4. Promotion Chips cannot be used for same spin Black + Red bets, Odd + Even, High + Low, 3 Columns/Dozens ect.